About Realityforge

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Realityforge LLC is a privately held software company founded in 2007 in New Hampshire, USA.  Realityforge currently consists of just me, John Lammers.  As a gamer since the days of the D&D box sets, and a 15 year veteran of the software industry, I’m devoted to merging my two passions to create software that benefits the roleplaying game community.

EpicTable, a virtual tabletop for pen and paper style roleplaying games, is the first such product.  It was created with the goal of enhancing the experience of face-to-face games and enabling groups that can’t get together face-to-face due to time or geography to continue to play the games they love.

Feedback, Questions, Issues

I believe that a critical advantage of a small software business is its ability to form one-on-one relationships with customers.  I truly welcome and appreciate your feedback and questions and encourage you to drop me a quick note whenever you like.  Below, you’ll find a form for contacting me.  If you have trouble with this form, please feel free to send email to "support" at this domain.