Beta 21 Update: A Squelching of Small Evils

Posted in Announcements on August 7, 2012 at 11:04 pm

There’s an update available for Beta-21.  For those keeping score, the “original” Beta-21 is  This one is  No new features, just a couple fixes. I didn’t want to start selling 1.0 with these things, and while I was fixing them in the 1.0 GA release, I didn’t want to see them in the beta either. As always, if you don’t want the play-by-play, feel free to skip to the bottom and just download the update.

The Changes

A Recurring Villain, Vanquished

One issue in particular has been an small but irritating thorn in my side. It gets reported about once a week. There’s a bug in a third party component I use in the chat window and the notecard editor (or in all fairness, maybe a bug in how I’m using it). I’ve never actually seen it myself, but it’s reported enough to put a little black cloud above my head every time an automated error report comes in. I rewrote the notecard editor to remove the troublesome component completely. I couldn’t do that so easily to the chat window, but thanks to all of your automated reports, I could pinpoint the (thankfully) one place the problem was occurring and fix the component itself. I really think this will put an end to that particular error. Without being able to reproduce it myself, though, there’s a chance that, like the end of an 80’s horror movie, once the heroes walk offscreen, the villain appears in the final frame, not fully vanquished after all. I’m hoping this is a case in which the sequel never gets made. [Cue the 80s-hair-metal and roll credits.]

Friendly Fire

I hate when I break things for you guys…. I broke the feature that lets you use the arrow keys to move things around on maps and tabletops. I unbroke it in this update.

Assembly Dropship

EpicTable carries around many assemblies (i.e., .NET components or libraries), both my own and third party assemblies, inside EpicTable.exe. This was to make things less complex. At one point in the past, EpicTable was a single executable, which I found kind of appealing. There are downsides to doing that, though, and at least one of you ran afoul of them. I think I can best (or at least most entertainingly) illustrate this with a scene from a sci-fi movie.

The “assembly dropship” lands, and just as Joe goes to run out the door, .NET says, “Hey, that’s okay, Joe. You just sit tight. We’ve got our own Joe out here already. We know he’s not a clone or android or Cylon or anything else that’s apt to kill us when we least expect it, so we’re going to go ahead and stick with him, m’kay? Thanks.”

When that happens, you can end up running something EpicTable’s never been tested with. The fix was to stop embedding these assemblies in EpicTable and just install them alongside EpicTable.exe, where they’ll be loaded in preference to (most) other things in the environment.

Predatory Layout Bug

In (aka “Beta 21, The First of His Name”), it was possible, under certain circumstances, for a new EpicTable user to find the layout of the chat window and portrait panel…um…sub-optimal, relative to the rest of the app. If you happen to have used EpicTable quite a bit, you could probably figure out how to get yourself out of this predicament by unlocking the panel layout and dragging them into more appropriate positions. Ironically, this would almost never affect anyone unless they’d never used EpicTable. A bug that preys on the most vulnerable members of the herd? In, EpicTable puts things into a known-good layout unless you’ve already moved or resized panels to where you want them.

Getting the Update

You have a decision to make this time.  If you already have EpicTable Beta-21 installed, you can give the update installer a try.  It’s a mere 8MB download and installs wicked fast, as we like to say in the Northeast.

New, shiny, wicked fast 8MB: EpicTable Update Install
 (Use this only if you already have EpicTable Beta-21 installed.)

Safe, familiar, 30MB juggernaut: EpicTable Full Install

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