EpicTable 1.2.1 – Retries

Posted in Announcements on February 26, 2014 at 10:16 pm

I know some of you have been interested in EpicTable but waiting for fog of war. If you’ve evaluated EpicTable and you’re interested in taking it for another spin now that it has fog of war, now’s your chance. With this 1.2.1 release there’s a refreshed evaluation license, so you have another chance to try it out.

In addition, I’ve addressed a bug in the feature that lets you tell EpicTable where to store your data. It didn’t impact new games or new resources, but it caused EpicTable to “lose” resources created before changing the data location. That’s taken care of in this release.

If you want more trial time, or if you’re changing your EpicTable data location and have existing games, get EpicTable 1.2.1.

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