EpicTable 1.3.3 Released

Posted in Announcements on May 1, 2015 at 9:52 am

EpicTable 1.3.3 is available now via http://www.epictable.com/download.

This release addresses the following two issues.

Issue with custom data folder reverting to the default
The feature that lets you specify the folder where EpicTable data is stored had an issue that caused it to keep getting reset to the default location. I’ve helped a few of you address this manually to get past the bug. If you’re one of these folks, there’s no need for you undo any of that. This update will just make sure that the right thing happens the next time.

Issue with permanently removing maps and tabletops from the game
Some of you reported that you were unable to remove maps and tabletops from the game via the right-click menu in the Maps and Tabletops gallery. You were doing it right. There was a problem that is fixed in this release.

This release is a free update and is backward compatible with earlier versions of EpicTable. To install the patch, simply download the installer from http://www.epictable.com/download and run it. You can install it right over top of your existing installation.

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