Artist Spotlight: Adam Vehige

Posted in EpicTable Blog on June 21, 2008 at 12:23 am

Leap of Faith, an illustration by Adam VehigeBack before EpicTable was “EpicTable”, when its name and image were still bits of uncongealed thought floating in the primordial ooze that was Realityforge LLC, I was looking for a mascot. I needed a logo, but what I wanted was a mascot. As a long-time Iron Maiden fan, I wanted my virtual tabletop to have its own Eddie—an iconic character to represent my product line through the many versions, twists and turns that lie ahead. Arguably, I spent way too much time trolling through online artist communities, but in the end, I found Adam Vehige.

I stumbled into Adam’s gallery on a site called deviantArt (about which I’ve blogged before). There’s a lot of variability between artists on these online communities, but the moment I saw Cyclops Scene (a small crop of which is at the start of this article), I knew I’d found the guy to create my mascot.


I was thrilled to have Adam create the EpicTable dragon—and lucky that the timing worked out. He’s since been heavily involved in a card game from TableStar Games, called “Orc Wars“. I love the work he’s done there. He does a great job with monsters and monstrous humanoids. His orcs are clearly inspired by Warcraft orcs, and he’s got some great taurens as well. But while Adam’s orcs and taurens are similar to Warcraft art, they’re different as well. Sadly, I don’t have the artistic wherewithal to tell you why, so you’ll have to go to his gallery at deviantArt and look for yourself.

…And More Than Orcs

If orcs and taurens aren’t your thing, there’s plenty more to look at. My favorites are:

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