EpicTable Legacy of Fire, Episode 1: Creating a Campaign Folder

Posted in EpicTable Blog on January 10, 2012 at 11:29 pm

GenieLampWithSmoke-150Anytime I run a game online, I have a set of resources that I want to have at my fingertips. So, I have, on my hard drive, a folder called "RPG Campaigns", and under there, I have a sub-folder for each campaign I’m running.

In this case, I created my new folder, "Legacy of Fire". Then, I immediately created sub-folders under it: characters, maps, handouts, books. In campaigns where we use character sheets, I end up with a "sheets" sub-folder as well, but we’re not using character sheets for this one (yet, at least).

I copied the PDF adventure, "Howl of the Carrion King" into the books folder, along with the "Legacy of Fire Players Guide", so both these are where I can find them quickly. I also put the Pathfinder core rulebook PDF there, because this is the only Pathfinder game I’m in right now, and having it all together is worth more to me than the purity of having a separate "game systems" folder somewhere.

Note that none of this is in EpicTable. It’s just on my file system. But by organizing it this way, I make it easy to find the files I want when I’m setting someone’s character portrait or setting a map background or something in EpicTable.

This is one of a series of posts about the Legacy of Fire campaign I’m running for my old gaming group on EpicTable. For the background on this series, check out the original EpicTable Legacy of Fire post, or you can access the entire EpicTable Legacy of Fire series, where I’ll be discussing our game, how I prep, how I run the game, and all the interesting things we run into using EpicTable.

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