Beta 20: Map Updates, Episode I

Posted in Announcements, EpicTable Development on June 7, 2012 at 3:09 am

Beta 20 was to be a rather large set of map-related updates. Day-job and family commitments have delayed some of the work I’d planned, so I’m cutting beta 20 into a couple pieces to get you guys some really important fixes.

Download Beta 20

Here’s what’s in it:

Pan/Scroll Lag Fixed

Some of you have noticed significant lag when scrolling the maps (and tabletops), especially under zoom. That’s much improved in this release, which is much more careful about what gets repainted.

Object Placement Under Zoom

Additionally, several of you reported difficulty placing objects when zoomed, or even getting wildly inaccurate object placement. The issue was that zoom wasn’t being taken into account–neither in calculating the landing spot, nor in calculating the bounds of the surface. This is cleared up, and you should have a much easier time of it now.

Themes and Chat Backgrounds

Finally, just a little weird one–I noticed that when changing the theme, only the leftmost chat tab got its background changed. That’s been addressed as well.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for the next release, which I’m rather optimistically titling: “Map Updates, Episode II: An End to Drawing Weirdness”.

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