Dice Rolls in the Chat Window

Posted in EpicTable Development, Screenshots on October 27, 2008 at 9:08 am

Recently, I discussed EpicTable’s Dice Cup Designer. Since that post, I’ve integrated a lot of technology from the Dice Cup Designer into the chat window. Dice rolls have been working in the chat window for a long time, but the chat window used to use a canned set of dice I’d shot with a digital camera. Functional, but not very pretty. It also used to lack support for some of the more interesting dice rolls that the Dice Cup Designer can create. Now, the chat window uses Brennen’s oh-so-much-prettier dice, it preserves the color scheme of the dice, and it visualizes features of the dice cup, such as summing the dice and dropping dice.

Take a closer look at the screenshot (which you can do by clicking on it, if you haven’t already).

The speaker is identified
As you’ve seen in other posts, each persona in EpicTable’s roleplay-centric chat is identified by name and icon. In this example, you can see that each dice roll came from the GM.
Color schemes are supported
Here, I’ve played with a number of color schemes. “WhiteSmoke on DarkRed” is my default, and the big roll of d4s uses that scheme. The others used color schemes specified on the roll. I’m not happy about the outline and drop-shadow of the white die. My colorizing algorithm is doing that to high-brightness colors. I have some ideas to prevent it, but haven’t implemented them yet.
Modifiers are displayed.
Most of the examples here don’t use modifiers, but the second roll is a 1d20+6.
The sum of the dice is displayed.
This is handy if you have a large number of dice, like the d4s in this screenshot, or if you’re dropping some of the dice. I’m using the white d6 as the container for the sum of the roll…. I thought it would look cooler than it does.
Dropped dice are X'd out
In My Life with Master for example, you roll d4s and drop 4s. This screenshot shows a “12d4 drop 4s” roll. Notice that the sum does not include the dropped 4s.
Dice wrapping
This was one of those beautiful moments where code you wrote to do one thing drops seamlessly into another context and makes everything better. There was a bug in the line wrapping in the chat window when lots of dice were in play, and the layout code I wrote for the Dice Cup Designer dropped in and fixed everything. Woohoo.
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