EpicTable 2 Preview – Character Token Popup

Posted in EpicTable Development on July 9, 2019 at 6:18 am

In this update, I’d like to show you the “Character Token Popup” I’ve been working on. It’s sort of a super-charged right-click menu replacement, paired with a mini character sheet.

This control, accessed by right-clicking on the token, gives you access to the character’s name and portrait and token art, as well as a set of frequently-used stats and dice rollers that you can setup. Other tabs provide control over the token’s base and border and other options.

Character token popup

As-shown, this is pretty D&D/Pathfinder/d20/OSR-centric: AC and hit point controls and a row of ability check rolls followed by other dice rolls; but the idea is that you’ll be able to configure it to meet the needs of your game. Already, all the smaller buttons are dice rolls that can be added and configured by each player. So, if you have a two-weapon fighter, maybe you add buttons for each of your weapons and your two-weapon attack. If you’re a wizard, maybe you add one for your fireball damage. This takes the place of the non-character-specific dice roll gallery in ET1, which I think will be a big benefit for GMs, who run multiple characters and whose characters might only be relevant for one encounter.

I’m pretty sure we’ll need to allow the GM to setup a template specific to their game that they can share with their players. For instance, AC and hit points aren’t going to be appropriate for some games; you’ll have different stats and maybe things like stress tracks. How much is built-in vs. how much is GM-driven vs. how much is controlled by the individual player is still a bit in flux, but I wanted to give you a look sooner rather than later.

The biggest question I have for you folks:
– Is accessing the mini-sheet by right-clicking on the token the correct experience? It seems like it for options like the token base and border, but I’m less sure about the mini-sheet. This may need to be its own thing that you can dock somewhere or something. For GMs, I’m planning an encounter/initiative tracker which will utilize these mini-sheets (or maybe a slimmed-down version of them), so you won’t be right-clicking on monsters all the time to make attack rolls. It strikes me that the GM may or may not want to share the encounter tracker with players, though, so I’m not sure I can just say that the players access their rolls through the encounter tracker, but maybe they have a docked panel or window with this mini-sheet and one for familiars, summoned creatures, etc. Obviously, there needs to be a way to get to your character data outside of the context of an encounter. What I’m reaching toward with the mini-sheet is a smallish, very action-oriented view of the character for use in encounters.

In coming posts, I’ll show a lot of the things that are implicit in this post: the dice roll builder, activation of dice rolls, border and base controls, and that “Behavior” tab (whose name is giving me fits, as you’ll see when we look closer at what’s in there).

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far.
Thanks as always.
— John

Artwork shown in this preview is by Brennen Reece, DevinNight, Raymond E Gaustadnes, and game-icons.net.

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