EpicTable Development Surprise Makeover

Posted in EpicTable Development on April 24, 2010 at 12:51 pm

It’s been a rough Spring for EpicTable development machines. I had a hard drive go bad in one, a virus so bad I had to go all scorched earth on another, and a third (um…Windows Vista machine…need I say more) that finally, after months of limping along, just refused to boot.

(Okay, everyone make a Will check to avoid telling me I should be using Mac or Linux machines.)

As a result, all EpicTable development is suddenly on Windows 7. With Windows XP end-of-life and Windows Vista…um…being Windows Vista, it was only logical, and it’s what I’d planned. I’d just planned it for after the alpha. Sigh.

The glass-half-full view is that I can now continue sprinting towards an alpha release with brand new, shiny OS installs. (The weakest machine already sings under Windows 7, and it used to be painfully slow under Vista.)

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