EpicTable Update: Character Mini-Sheet First Look

Posted in EpicTable Development on May 2, 2016 at 1:00 am

Here’s your first look at one of the things currently under development: the “Character Mini-Sheet”. This is a little card that you can pop up next to your character/monster token on the map. It’s meant to give you quick access to the values and actions that you need most often during play. Here’s a quick example.

Mini-sheet concept

On this card, configured for a D&D or Pathfinder game, you’ve got icons for armor class and hit points, followed by icons for a couple melee attack rolls and a ranged attack roll. These are all interactive. That is, you can type a numeric value or use the arrow keys in the AC and hit point icons, and you can click on the dice roll icons to make the corresponding roll. The second row has a rather unlikely set of conditions–wounded, hasted, and dead. You’ll be able to configureĀ a set of conditions for your game, so that you can easily add them to a character during play. Notice the little grey plus signs? Those indicate unfilled slots where you can add additional icons.

As always, EpicTable is game system neutral, so you’ll be able to configure the mini-sheet to suit your game. As the mini-sheet concept develops, I’ll show you alternative configurations of the mini-sheet and some of the surprises lurking under each of these icon types.


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