EpicTable Update on the Way

Posted in EpicTable Development on December 2, 2012 at 12:33 am

It’s been a busy Fall. I don’t normally talk about what I’m about to update until it’s ready, but it’s close….
I’m in the testing stages on a couple bugfixes for automated error reports that you folks have sent in. (Thanks.) I’ve also done a substantial amount of work on the way zooming and scrolling is handled–especially when you’re drawing. As anyone who’s spent time with the drawing tools in EpicTable knows, you can’t zoom and scroll while drawing…which is kind of sad. The model I had in my head was: “Here–let me sketch this out quick–okay, back to the action.” Of course, that’s not how it worked out. People stayed in draw mode, wanted to zoom and scroll around in draw mode, and badness ensued. Addressing that was surprisingly difficult, but it’s done, minus some testing and polishing. I’m also hoping to throw in a couple surprises, but we’ll see how the next couple nights go.

Again, thank you guys for sending the automated error reports, creating support tickets, or pulling me into your games. I can only address what I know about. I have a really puzzling resource retrieval issue that I’m looking at tonight. I’d really like to get a fix for that in this release, but if it looks like it’s going to take much longer, I’ll finish testing what I’ve got and post an update. Stay tuned!

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