Looking Ahead to Beta 13

Posted in EpicTable Development on November 7, 2011 at 10:59 pm

Now that beta 12 is out there, I wanted to give you a look ahead towards beta 13.  I’m planning to take a break from drawing and memory issues and knock out some, easier, very visible stuff.

Grid Improvements

There are a few bugs reported against grids–notably that changes to the grid don’t get broadcast and that grid visual settings, like color, aren’t saved.   Additionally, I have some support for hex grids that I’ll put in place while I’m tampering with grids.


I hate that the tab renames don’t get broadcast to the other participants.  I’m going to stop the hate.

Automated Reports

These are the result of the "Report this to EpicTable Support?" dialogs that come up when something bad happens.  These have been really helpful, and I’m glad people have been sending them.  Every release, I fix a couple of the things that have come in this way.  However, I’m getting to the point where the easy stuff has been addressed and the ones that come in now are more difficult for me to reproduce.  Tragically—necessary for your privacy, but tragically—there’s no email address or other identifying information sent.  That makes it impossible for me to hit you up for more info, even if you’d like me to do that.  I’m thinking about an “opt-in settings” page, where you can opt to share your email address with me, so I can contact you about your bug report.  Maybe I can contrive to ask during the report and let you choose to apply that response to future reports.  That way, you don’t have to go looking for the opt-in page.

What About The Sync’d View Feature Requests?!

This is the request to let the GM sync the players’ views to his.  There was a lot of conversation on the forum about how this might work and whether the GM could “force” players to his view.  I haven’t forgotten about this.  I’ve resolved to implement the feature. Plenty of people want it—including me.  It will probably be shortly after beta 13, just because I think it’s going to take a bit of work, and I don’t want to hold up this other bug work while I work on this new feature.  I think this one merits a short spec (maybe fodder for my first doc section!) and prototype, so I can get some feedback before it’s too far along.

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