Player Horde: an EpicTable 1.1 Update

Posted in EpicTable Development on April 13, 2013 at 12:19 pm

I did some EpicTable 1.1 testing last night with part of my Friday night gaming group. It’s looking much better than last week. But what would one of my status updates be without a weird looking bug to show you? This one, I call the “Player Horde”.


I’d like to tell you that I just have lots and lots of friends named “Scot” and “chris”. Sadly, that’s not the case (for who could ever have too many friends named Scot or Chris?). It’s far more likely that there’s a bug in my participant tracking. If I were to guess, I’d say that the New and Improved Participant Tracker and the Old and Somewhat Inattentive Participant Tracker are furiously reacting to each other’s notifications, each engaged in an existential struggle, trying to be the guy in the know:

“Scot just—“

“Hey, did you hear Scot just joined?”

“Yeah—I was just going to tell you that. Chris joined too.”

“I knew that, oh and I hear Chris—”

“Before for you go on, I need to tell you: Scot and Chris just joined.”

“Sure, but did you know Scot joined too?”

I’ll get in there tonight after the kids go to bed and break that up.

Where does EpicTable 1.1 stand?

At this point, everything that I expect to work does work. There are just a couple things that need to be re-implemented in the new technology, and they’re fairly low risk things:

  • Context (right-click) menus for objects on the map/tabletop.
  • Grid drawing
  • Snap and size to grid

A lot of this is already done outside of the view and it’s just a matter of reflecting it appropriately in the new view.

There are some things that I’ve been improving or adding opportunistically while I have certain parts of the code open. I really want to talk about a couple new things, but I don’t want to force myself into releasing them if they end up taking too long. I’ll put together a whole “What’s New in 1.1” to make sure I wring every drop of appreciation I can out of the work I’ve put into this release.

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