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In this post, I’m going to introduce you to EpicTable’s TrueVision. TrueVision allows you to show your players only what their characters would see. It takes into account lighting, line-of-sight, and visual acuity (e.g., low-light vision, darkvision) or equipment (e.g., nightvision goggles).

TrueVision is easier shown than described, so I’ll use several screenshots. Let’s look at the situation from the eyes of each of characters involved.

The Game Master or “GM”. This icon is used to represent the GM throughout EpicTable. Whenever you’re speaking as the GM, viewing as the GM, whispering to the GM, this icon will be involved.

While the GM can opt to see the scene through the eyes of any character, by default, he sees everything. This is what’s shown in the screenshot below. It’s nighttime and an ettin lurks outside a tavern. Two of the characters are inside waiting, while a third approaches from the north.

Drayla is the leader of our band of heroes. A young woman with a righteous cause, Drayla is returning from a meeting with the local clergy. Later than expected, she has no torch, and has to rely on only the light streaming through the windows of the lively tavern where her friends await her return. Notice that because she has no light and is not illuminated, her token is only dimly visible. This is so the player can find the token. It’s fair to say that Drayla can’t see her hand in front of her face, but it’s not reasonable for the player not to know where she is in relationship to the light she sees up ahead.

Morgrim and Kalinstil are Drayla’s companions, anxiously awaiting her return (though perhaps Morgrim, behind the bar, is not so anxious as Kalinstil, who waits by the window).

In the first screenshot, we see Morgrim’s view from behind the bar. He can see the whole tavern, illuminated by a fireplace on the west wall. He can also see out the windows in the east wall to some extent, though his line-of-sight is limited.

In the next, we see Kalinstil’s view from the window. He also can see the whole tavern, and he has better line-of-sight on the grounds outside the tavern, but still can’t see much due to the darkness. Notice how he can see the area lit from the southernmost window, even though he isn’t in position to see through the window itself. He’s not quite able to see the ettin, though, nor Drayla approaching from the north.

A monstrous, two-headed ettin lurks in the darkness outside the tavern. Unlike Drayla’s companions, he sees the young woman approaching the tavern quite clearly, due to his darkvision. He’s also able to see Kalinstil in the window. Will that deter him, or is the approaching morsel just too tempting to pass up?

Credits: Tavern tables by pedrov. Bar based on tavern benches from GreyTale. Tokens by Fiery Dragon Productions. You can find links to all these on my Links page.

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