Update on Beta 1

Posted in EpicTable Development on January 11, 2011 at 12:16 am

Just a quick update, folks. Beta-1 is in full-swing and has me incredibly busy! Lots of good feedback–suggestions, bugs, none of them genuinely concerning, though one issue was pretty crippling and unique to one user, so it was good to find that now.

Beta-2 is coming up, and once it’s out (this week?), I’ll release the next set of beta invitations. Again, I apologize for the wait–but I was right to roll out slowly–the participation has been great, but a little overwhelming. Between the alpha and beta-1 users, there are a total of 24 people with beta invitations. Had there been 200, I’d never have kept my head above water.

Things I’ve learned.

  • I need a couple moderators (this is in the works as we speak)–I can’t keep being the sole organizer of the forum and get any coding done.
  • I need a public-facing knowledge base and issue/feature tracker, not just a forum and not just my private bug tracker. This is still a research topic.
  • I have to stop putting off fixing the forum breaks that resulted from the last forum software upgrade.
  • You guys have tons of good ideas. It’s the right time for the beta.

Stay tuned for beta-2.
— John

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