What’s John Been DOING?

Posted in EpicTable Development on April 7, 2010 at 8:02 pm

I’ll admit it: Changing the messaging layer took longer than I’d expected. Persistence did too. Last night, I fought through a nasty stack overflow in a lambda function that bypassed my catch clause and crashed the CLR. (That’s .NET-speak for, “The ogre broke through my wizard-locked door and thumped me a good one before I got him back under control.”)

All that aside, I have a shiny new messaging layer that will prevent me from ever having a port forwarding discussion. (Omnidon, I know I owe you a blog post explaining how I’m doing that.) I have chat messages and game state synchronization and the participant introductions described in the last couple “protocol” posts, all going over that new messaging. I have objects moving on the tabletop, and that movement is conveyed to the other participants, again via the new messaging layer. And I’m partway down the path of separating the concepts of game organizer and GM. (They’re basically already separate inside EpicTable. It’s more a matter of whether I have the time to implement the UI that would let the game organizer grant another participant GM power.)

If all goes well, I’ll use EpicTable next week in a limited way with my own gaming group. And I swear I’ll open it up to others on this site once I’m satisfied that it holds together for my own group. There are still rough edges. The first alpha will still be mapless (just because I haven’t returned to maps to tidy things up there and integrate my map markup tools). But I’m still here, still working feverishly. I’m exhibiting at GenCon this year, so I’m…um…highly motivated to get this to a releasable state soon.

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