EpicTable 1.3.4 Released

Posted in EpicTable Blog on September 6, 2016 at 6:00 am

EpicTable 1.3.4 is available now via http://www.epictable.com/download.

I took a little timeout from work on the new version of EpicTable to address some issues that people have reported. I also sneaked in a minor enhancement. The new features are taking longer than I’d hoped, so I’m addressing some of the pain out there. Please check out this update. It’s worth having and should bridge the gap until the new stuff starts rolling in.


Character note changes not being propagated or saved in some cases
Fixes scenarios in which the notes section of the character edit form aren’t propagated to other players or saved.

Some actions not triggering surface save
Fixes bugs that caused some actions taken on tabletops and maps to not trigger a save. Most notably, edits to drawings and the content portion of index cards weren’t triggering the autosave feature.

Focus action on a map not popping the focus request dialog for all participants
Fixes a bug that prevented the focus request from being offered to the participants. (This is the way a GM tells the players what map should be showing and what the zoom and scroll settings should be.)

Fixed unhandled exception reports due to concurrent access to files
Fixes a bug that caused certain files–storage for pens and brushes, as well as surface view information, such as zoom and scroll settings–to be accessed at the same time, causing one of the two accesses to generate an error that prompted the user to submit a report.

Workaround to prevent unhandled exception reports caused by bugs in underlying control libraries
Handling intermittent, non-reproducible errors caused by Microsoft and/or DevExpress libraries at a higher level, allowing me to gather the data on these errors (from those participating in the quality improvement program) and suppressing the prompt to the user to submit a report.


Edits to index cards, text fields, and rich text notes now get saved and propagated to other participants, even if the person editing hasn’t left the object.
It had been the case that clicking away from an index card or a rich text note or a text field on a tabletop was the signal that the change was done and should be sent to the other participants and saved. However, this caused confusion and lost work when people spent a lot of their time editing one of these objects without clicking away. Now, every 3 seconds, changes will be saved and propagated to other participants.

Character tokens should stop sizing to grid once you manually change their size
It had been the case that a character token’s size was always based on the size of the grid and the character’s size. However, this caused confusion because people would manually resize a character token only to find that change undone the next time the map was loaded. Now, once you change a token’s size, that takes precedence over its size as based on the grid and character.

Allow rolled dice to be displayed in sorted order by value
You can now sort dice in the result of a dice roll. The sorting is pool-based. That is, dice of like size and color comprise a pool and those are sorted independently. Thus, one cannot, for instance, sort d6s and d8s together because those dice are never presented together. You can, however, sort one or both pools. This is useful when playing games that rely on dice comparison or pay special attention to the highest die. Sorting can be done on text-entered rolls by adding “>” for sort high-to-low , or “<” for sort low-to-high. For instance, to roll 10 d6s and sort them high to low, you would type: “/roll 10d6 >” in the chat window. You can also apply sorting to dice pools in the dice roll editor by dragging one of the new “dice evaluators” to the pool, as shown below.

Dice Sorting



This release is a free update and is backward compatible with earlier versions of EpicTable. To install the patch, simply download the installer from http://www.epictable.com/download and run it. You can install it right over top of your existing installation.

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