EpicTable to Participate in FUMcon ’09

Posted in EpicTable Blog, EpicTable Development on March 29, 2009 at 5:36 pm

I’m happy to announce that EpicTable will be participating in FUMcon 2009, running from Friday April 10th, through Sunday April 12th.

Realityforge (the creator of EpicTable) is a sponsor of FUMcon again this year. FUMcon (formerly iCon) is an online convention focused on virtual tabletops, organized by the ugliest denizens of Four Ugly Monsters.

While EpicTable is not quite ready for download, I’ll be running a number of demos during the con using a shared desktop technology. Stay tuned for announcements of demo times and check the FUMcon calendar to stay up-to-date on all the exciting stuff happening at the con.

At the con, you’ll get the opportunity to chat with folks about virtual tabletops, see demos, and play in games run on the various VTs out there. Most or all of the virtual tabletop developers make their products available for free during the con, and FUM maintains an event schedule. It’s a great opportunity to try out virtual tabletop gaming and meet some fellow VT gamers.

I’ll be posting events to the FUMcon event calendar later this evening. If you can’t make it to FUMcon, don’t worry—I’ll be running demos for the folks on this forum as well, and I’ll likely make videos available. Watch this forum for details about the where and when of all this.

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