Gen Con 2011 Report

Posted in EpicTable Development, EpicTable News on August 10, 2011 at 8:50 pm

Hi everyone,

Brennen, Jeremy and I are back from Gen Con, and I’m hard at work on getting EpicTable beta 11 out the door. Beta 11 is what we demoed at Gen Con, and I’m pretty excited about a couple of the new features we were able to get in:

  • ad-hoc drawing tools, allowing you to draw freehand on your map or tabletop
  • lots of options for customizing your “plain” (until now) text objects on the tabletop

Look for details in the next couple days.

Here’s another exciting piece of news. We sold pre-orders at Gen Con! The beta has reached a point where it’s stable enough for our weekly game, so while it probably has about 3-6 months of beta left, I felt like EpicTable was finally ready for some limited, pre-release sales. So, we were offering special pre-release pricing on EpicTable demo at our booth. Don’t worry forum folks–I wouldn’t sell to convention goers without giving you guys a similar opportunity to pick up EpicTable before its official release. (Details on that later.)

Look for some new faces on the forums. I let loose the 3rd wave of beta participants, and of course, the pre-order folks have access to the beta.

Finally, if you couldn’t make it to Gen Con, you’re not out in the cold. I’m going to get a virtual demo booth going, and we’ll run a set of demos. Whether you’re in the beta currently, or just curious, you’re welcome to visit the booth. I just have too coordinate with my three year old boss, who was at home with her Mom while I was at Gen Con….

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