Fear Itself – The Sacrifice

Posted in EpicTable Blog on June 13, 2008 at 12:12 am

Did anyone happen to see the recent episode (“The Sacrifice”) of NBC’s new horror anthology, “Fear Itself”? I just got around to watching it, and I was surprisingly impressed. There was kind of Colonial Gothic horror feel to it, with the bestial vampire, the old-fashioned dresses, bloody axes, an old fort…. Even the premise–a community protecting the outside world by keeping a creature contained within their midst–was pretty cool.

One has to assume that the place is warded to keep the creature in, and I’m sure there are other logical flaws (like why did it take so long to think of burning the creature in the pit used for sacrifices?), but the atmosphere and visuals were very nice. I can definitely imagine this as a chapter of a Gothikus game (a story game in development, chronicled over at Polyhedral Hepcat).

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