Screencasts from Gen Con 2010

Posted in EpicTable Blog on August 12, 2010 at 7:32 am

For those who couldn’t make it to Gen Con or didn’t have time for a demo: don’t worry—I haven’t forgotten you. I’m posting the videos that were playing in a loop on the big screen at the front of the booth. Sit back, pretend you’re walking around the exhibit hall, and take a look.

These are all very short, meant for people walking by, not sitting at their computers. They also have no sound, since you wouldn’t hear it well in the aisles of the exhibit hall anyway. I’ll likely record something with more depth and some audio later, but for now, I didn’t want you guys feeling left out.



Update: This content has been replaced. While there may be some historical value in seeing what EpicTable looked like back in 2010, it’s more apt to be confusing these days. Here is an updated video set:

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