Tabletop Surface Integration, Dice Panel, etc.

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Just a couple quick updates on development status. There’s been a good bit of work done since the demos during FUMcon. My focus continues to be integrating and testing. I’m working hard at getting an alpha release ready with a beta to follow shortly, and I wanted to give you an update on what’s been happening. Special thanks goes to Brennen Reece for design advice on some of the visual improvements since the demo.

Virtual Tabletop Surface

I’ve integrated the tabletop “surface” functionality that some of you saw during the demos. This is the surface on which you can move game pieces, dice, etc. Check out the full-sized image (1165×973).

Beyond what I showed in the demo:

  • You can create tabletops within tabs in EpicTable, just like you can with maps
  • You can use fixed images for the tabletop background, rather than just textures, which is nice for gameboards.
  • I added index cards as one of the objects available for use on the tabletop.

Dice (and other things) Panel

I created a dice panel at the bottom of the main screen. It’s actually for a bit more than dice, ultimately. It’s sort of a personal area for each player, analogous to the space you have in front of you at a physical game table. There’s a whole lot more to think about for this area, but for version 1, it holds dice. This is a more natural way to interact with the dice than the gallery-based approach some of you saw during the demo. You can move them around, duplicate them, change their colors. There’s a dice bag that serves as a source for dice, so if you’re playing Spirit of the Century, for instance, you can keep your polyhedral dice in the bag and pull out the Fudge dice.

Portrait Panel Improvements

The portrait panel had some resizing issues when I showed it during the demo. It also had remnants of unfinished features, like health and condition bars. Removing these half-baked features cleaned up the portraits considerably. You can also drag and drop them onto a tabletop surface in addition to the maps.

Character Sheets Queued for Post-Beta

I really want to get EpicTable in the hands of the community, and the character sheet support is the largest remaining task. So, while I’m still committed to character sheets and the character sheet designer, I’m going to wrap up what I’ve got and work on character sheets during the beta. Depending on how the beta goes, and what you folks tell me about what you want, I may release version 1 prior to integrating the character sheet work and provide an upgrade path. Don’t worry—I know the character sheet functionality is important to many of you. It’s important to me too! It continues to be a feature I’m excited about. I just want to get all the useful features already part of EpicTable into people’s hands.

Note: Due to a technical issue, the comments link below is broken. However, the discussion on this is NOT closed. You can join the discussion in the EpicTable forum.

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