Thanks for visiting us at Gen Con!

Posted in EpicTable Blog on August 22, 2012 at 1:51 am

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Gen Con this year. We had a great show again this year, talking to several of you who visit us every year, and many new faces as well. It’s always great to talk to people about EpicTable, but this Gen Con marked the release of EpicTable 1.0. We had an EpicTable box set done up for the show, with an old school cover, some phyical goodies, and lots of great digital content. I’d hoped that the box set would account for about 20% of our sales at the show, and instead it was about 90%!

Those of you who missed Gen Con, as well as those who have the box set and are eager for more, will be happy to hear that we’ve reached agreements with several of the content providers from the box set to offer more of their work in the EpicTable Marketplace, opening soon. In addition to the artists from the box set, there are a number of other content providers we met at the show, and I’m excited at the prospect of seeing their work in EpicTable.

It’s going to be an exciting year. Stay tuned!

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