The End (of the Beta) Draws Nigh!

Posted in Announcements, EpicTable Blog on August 30, 2012 at 12:03 am

The EpicTable beta officially ends September 1. As mentioned in a previous post your beta license converts to a 30-day eval license thereafter.

The latest version of EpicTable 1.0 is available from the Download page. This is the best place to get EpicTable on an ongoing basis. There, you’ll find separate evaluation and guest versions. Right now, there’s no difference between the guest and the eval. A consequence of this is that, as a guest, you’ve started your 30-day eval. Don’t worry–I don’t want you to use up your 30-day eval as a guest any more than you do. I’ll release a guest version soon that doesn’t start an eval and resets the clocks on evals triggered by a guest version.

Thanks to all you beta testers who helped to bring EpicTable to this point. It’s a better product because of you.
— John

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