EpicTable Beta

Hi Everyone,

First off, thank you for your participation in the beta and for your excitement and involvement leading up to this beta. EpicTable will be a better product for your having lent your time to it.

Secondly, while I’ve worked really hard to try to make sure EpicTable is mature enough to keep from getting in the way of your gaming–including testing 15 alpha builds with my own gaming group between August and now. But it’s a beta. Without a doubt, something EpicTable does is going to hamper your game. I’ll work with you to keep it in the annoying rather than tragic category, and I’ll get updates out pretty frequently. (Here’s a little data: there have been 7 beta releases in 6 months.)

Wondering how to get started?  Checkout the articles in the Getting Started forum.  Not sure how to engage with the beta?  Checkout the article How to Participate in the EpicTable Beta.

I want to hear from you.
The whole point of doing this is to get your feedback, so please, let me here from you. For the sake of letting us all benefit from each others’ experience, I’d ask that you post in this forum. If you have something that you want to address in private, feel free to use john@epictable.com or support@epictable.com. I’ll get either. The latter goes straight into my bug/feature tracking system.

Finally, have a good time. EpicTable has been a blast to work on, and I hope it makes your gaming life better.
— John