Shared, functional maps. No prep required!

No time to prep? Prepped something only to have the players run off in another direction? Yeah, we’ve been there. That’s why EpicTable supports no-prep, ad-hoc maps. If you’ve got an image you want to use, go ahead and make it the background. No image? Choose from one of the supplied textures for something a little more visually interesting than battlemat tan. Populate your map with stones from the tabletop gallery, use map pins to mark important areas, or just draw on it like a battlemat. No need to have sent images to your friends ahead of time—like all other EpicTable resources, map images are sent to the other players automatically. Need hexes? Got ’em. Want fog of war? EpicTable has that too, and you can do it on the fly, with no prep necessary.

Image-backed Dungeon MapImage-backed Dungeon MapOverland Map with Pins

Texture-backed Hex MapImage-backed Cavern Map

Fog of War – Player ViewFog of War – GM View