System Embracing

EpicTable gives you the tools you need to play whatever game you want to play.

Play Anything You Want

Into indie games? We are too. Even if you wanted to buy some sort of add-on for every new game you play, they’re just not out there. EpicTable supports the games you want to play without add-ons and without your having to spend your whole week building support for it.

Fiasco screenshotFiasco on EpicTable
Dogs in the Vineyard on EpicTable

Sophisticated, Yet Easy-to-Use Dice Roller

Dice are an integral part of many games, and EpicTable’s dice roller can support a wide variety of games. d20 dice, Fudge dice, Roll-and-Keep, Drop Lowest, Count Successes, all that and more is baked in. (And One Roll Engine and Hero folks, stay tuned—you’re not forgotten.) What’s more, it’s easy to build complex rolls yourself, without a line of scripting code. Finally, with EpicTable’s focus on replicating the tabletop environment, if there’s something the dice roller doesn’t support, worst case, you just roll dice on the tabletop or in the chat window and interpret them yourself.

Flaming Sword Damage (full size)

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Rolling Dice (full size)