Site Credits and Resources for Virtual Tabletops

It’s important to me to acknowledge the individuals, communities, and companies who have contributed ideas or inspiration or resources to EpicTable. Here, you’ll find credits for those whose work is featured on this site, as well as links to the communities and resource sites that I frequent.

Credits and Acknowledgments

Realityforge would like to thank the following companies and individuals who have created content used on the EpicTable site.

Brennen Reece
EpicTable Art Director and Chief Collaborator, Brennen is also responsible for my introduction to the world of indie games and narrative games. EpicTable would have been much narrower in outlook without his influence.
Jeremy Shimanek
Booth guy extraordinaire. Jeremy went with me on Gen Con Reconnaissance in 2009, helped me discover how to setup our first booth in 2010, and wrote the app that took beta signups during the Con.
Allen Self
Self-hired EpicTable Sales Guy, Allen hold the record for the most EpicTable sales of anyone not actually working the booth. His “you made a something” speech is what I replay in my head when the to-do list seems very, very long.
Scot Drew
Scot wrote the copy for the first EpicTable ad, was part of Gen Con Reconnaissance 2009, and has been a sounding board throughout EpicTable’s development.
Devin Night
Devin’s top-down virtual tabletop tokens are used in some of the EpicTable screenshots, with his permission. Several of his token packs are featured in the EpicTable Box Set as well.
Chubby Monster Games
Gamer friends of mine and the minds behind the tutorial adventure: Chatan Garrison.
Your Forum Moderators: zWolf and Velgor
Long-time EpicTable forum denizens and sources of encouragement and ideas turned moderators.
EpicTable 1.0 Beta Testers and Forum
At the risk of offending someone by forgetting them, I’d like to thank a few people from the forum and beta test who have had an impact on EpicTable through feedback, specific feature requests, or just generally being around and participating for the long haul: Glenn Murray, David Bettincourt, Rich Rogers, Allen’s Crew, Rohan Mitchell, Evil Kerek, Jan van Leyden, Galtran, Murgh Bpurn, djc664, Rodney Carlock, Dean Vaughn, Jim Haddad, Jeff Potter, Patrick Richert, Chris Kirby, Clayton Dawson, Jimmy Olson, and many others….
Vehige Studios
Adam Vehige created the EpicTable dragon. His work is really top-notch, and prints are available.
The maps in various screenshots on the EpicTable site were created with Dundjinni using art from the user creations forum.
Genetica Texture Packs
High quality, seamless textures. Editable if you happen to have Genetica, but still useful if you do not. Several of these are used in the texture gallery for EpicTable maps.
Fiery Dragon Productions
The portrait-style digital tokens you see in screenshots on this site are courtesy of Fiery Dragon Productions.
David Hartman
David Hartman is an illustrator and director I’ve blogged about who has allowed some of his work to be used as avatars in the EpicTable forum.
Dundjinni denizens
Several of the folks from the Dundjinni forum have work that appears in EpicTable screenshots, with their permission. Greytale, Cisticola/The Mad Mapper, Dragonwolf, and pedrov
The developer of Battlegrounds was one of the first to welcome me onto the scene when I first put up the EpicTable site, a classy move for which I remain grateful. He keeps a pretty complete list of virtual tabletop links, including resources and other virtual tabletops.
Motivation from Afar
Canon Puncture Show, Digital Front Podcast, Theory from the Closet, Pulp Gamer, Bob Walsh, Startup Success Podcast, Fear the Boot, Boagworld
Peets, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Kay Hanley, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Megadeth, Anthrax, Armored Saint, Palmdale, Letters to Cleo, Disturbed, Dokken, Theory of a Dead Man, George Lynch, Gary Richrath, July For Kings, Metallica, Gin Blossoms, Dream Theater, Cry of Love, Ace Troubleshooter, Nevermore, Sister Hazel