Pathfinder on EpicTable

EpicTable has several features to enhance your Pathfinder game. Here are just some of the highlights.

Use overland maps with map pins, hand-drawn maps using the drawing tools, or image backed maps from published adventures or maps from places like RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

Use whatever tokens and portraits you like–EpicTable will take care of making sure the images show up for everyone.

Map HighlightsAdventure.pngHand-Drawn Maps

Player Notes

Track hero points and player notes on tabletops using index cards, images and coins, stones, or other game pieces. Use private tabletops or fog of war on the tabletop to create GM-private areas.

Flaming Sword Dice Roll

Add all your commonly used dice rolls to the dice roll gallery.

Mark up your map with fog of war “zones”–so quick and easy, you can add zones faster than your players can decide who’s going to listen at the door.

Be sure to check out the EpicTable Video Tutorials for more info!

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