Subscribing to EpicTable Web Feeds

How can I subscribe?

You can receive EpicTable news and blog posts via email or the RSS reader of your choice. Both email and RSS subscriptions are managed by Feedburner (a free Google service that does not require registration).

What’s RSS?

If you’re saying to yourself, “What’s RSS?” don’t worry–it’s not complicated. It’s just a way to manage your subscriptions to this and other information feeds, rather than having to visit this site periodically. Many free RSS readers exist. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend Google Reader.

What info can I receive?

EpicTable News/Announcements

A low-volume feed for news and announcements about website changes, product updates and releases, etc.
Subscribe via: RSS or

EpicTable Forums Feed

Receive the latest posts to the EpicTable forums as a web feed. (Overlaps somewhat with the blog and development feeds, because these end up in the forum ultimately, but it’s a good way to keep tabs on all the forum conversations.)
Subscribe via: RSS or

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