Using Tabletops for Character Sheets

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Occasionally, people ask about character sheets in EpicTable.  “The Plan” is to have character sheets become first class objects in EpicTable.  (In other words, there will be a “Create Character Sheet” button of some sort.)  For now, though, you can do sort of the same thing by simply using tabletops and backing them with character sheet images.  From there, you can draw on them and use tabletop objects like text fields to fill in the sheet.  My group just creates one of these for each player character.

Steps to a Character Sheet

  1. Find an image (PNG or JPG) that you want to use as a character sheet.  You can often get these from game PDFs.
  2. Create a tabletop for each player.
  3. Set the background to the image you selected.
  4. Use text fields, image objects and drawings to fill in your sheet.

A Picture An Annotated Screenshot is Worth a Thousand Words

EpicTable Tabletop as Character Sheet

What’s Ahead

Character sheets will become fully supported.   That’ll mean…

  • fields that you can lock in place or group with other objects
  • the ability to clone a whole sheet so you can just have a template sheet that you clone for each player
  • a gallery of Xs and check marks and similar things
  • probably, more types of fields than just text and image—probably checkboxes and lists, even though you can get the same effect today with images and notes
  • eventually, data-driven and calculated fields

Special Dispatch: Character Sheet Development Update

Posted in EpicTable Development on June 20, 2008 at 1:56 am

retro radiotower illustrationIt’s time for another development update. Last time, I talked about leaving the world of mapping to delve into character sheets. Since then, I’ve been busily fleshing out the character sheet concept in EpicTable—especially user-defined character sheets.

My recent forays into indie and story games have had a profound impact on EpicTable’s character sheets and game systems. I’m not prepared to show you screenshots yet, but I can give you some insight into the direction EpicTable is headed with respect to character sheets. …continue reading Special Dispatch: Character Sheet Development Update

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