EpicTable 1.3.7 Fixes Invitation Problem

Posted in Announcements on May 1, 2017 at 1:52 am

Hey folks,
Something changed with respect to the networking layer EpicTable relies on–either due to a Windows update or a change at my hosting provider. I’ve released a new version that changes the interaction with the invitation service to adapt to this. You can download 1.3.7 now.

Check it out. It should solve your invitation problem.

While I was releasing a new version, I picked up a one-line change that solves an issue with the background of one of the panels not changing when you change themes.

This is, of course, a free upgrade, and as always, you can just run the setup program to install over your existing EpicTable installation. All your existing games will work as-is with this update.

Sorry for the disruption of service, and thank you to the people who reported it so I could get this fixed.
— John

EpicTable 1.3.5 Released

Posted in Announcements on September 15, 2016 at 11:20 pm

EpicTable 1.3.5 is available now via http://www.epictable.com/download.

Based on feedback from a new customer, I’ve addressed a couple issues with sharing/unsharing maps and tabletops and the interaction of that with the two ways of opening a map or tabletop: “Open (Shared)” and “Open (Private)”


Inconsistencies in Sharing / Unsharing Maps and Tabletops
Ensures that when you open a map or tabletop as Shared, it will be shared with all participants. Likewise, if you open the map or tabletop as Private, it will unshare it if necessary.


This release is a free update and is backward compatible with earlier versions of EpicTable. To install the patch, simply download the installer from http://www.epictable.com/download and run it. You can install it right over top of your existing installation.

EpicTable 1.3.1 Released

Posted in Announcements on October 6, 2014 at 12:04 am

EpicTable 1.3.1 (full version: is available for download now. This is a free update for licensed EpicTable users.

This release has fixes for a few issues dealing with maps and a fix for a chat issue. Thank you to everyone who filed support tickets or used the error report dialog to send me reports, especially those who included their email address so I could follow up.

Read about exactly what’s changed at the What’s New? page and download the latest version of EpicTable from the download page.

Introducing EpicTable 1.3

Posted in Announcements on August 22, 2014 at 12:24 am

EpicTable 1.3 is available for download. This is a free upgrade for all licensed EpicTable users, and it’s completely backwards compatible with 1.2.

Those of you who visited us at Gen Con already got to see the new features in this release. (And for you guys who bought EpicTable at Gen Con, this release is slightly updated from the one you have, so you’ll want to update when you get a chance.)

You can simply install this version over top of your existing one. Or if you’re ultra-cautious, you can install it side-by-side with your existing EpicTable.

Go ahead and download the latest version of EpicTable while you read about the changes.

Free the Tabs!

The primary focus of this release was letting you move tabs. Reorder them—which was a longstanding request—and more importantly, undock them and allow them to be dragged to a secondary display. This feature lets you drag any map or tabletop to a secondary display, either for your own use or for the players’ use. Using this capability, you can put a map on a big screen TV or a projector.

Open Player View

Player View

Dragging tabs around is pretty cool, but Player View unlocks a key scenario—using fog of war and putting the player’s view on a big screen or projector while you sit behind your laptop screen with the GM view. Now, you can do just that.

Ribbon Reorganization

A secondary focus of this release was making map and tabletop tabs more useful and their associated menus less confusing. One thing that’s been a bit confusing is that maps and tabletops are basically the same thing, at some level. You can put things on them, move things around on them, fog of war and grids work on both of them, and so on. However, the ribbon separated them because I’ve always thought of maps and tabletops as distinct concepts. I still do, but having some options under “Maps” and some options under “Tabletops” was misleading and confusing, and hid a lot of power from you unless you were adventurous enough to try map options on tabletops and vice-versa. In this new version, the “Maps” and “Tabletops” ribbon pages are consolidated and actions and settings common to both are extracted into their own tabs.

1.3 - Maps and Tabletops tab

1.3 Actions and Properties tab

Wrap Up

There are a handful of bug fixes in 1.3 as well. For a full list of changes, check out the What’s New page.

EpicTable 1.1 revision

Posted in Announcements on August 15, 2013 at 2:39 am

Due to a couple issues with handouts and backwards compatibility from 1.0, I’ve created a revision to 1.1. The latest is, and it’s available via all the standard download link. Just run the install over top of your existing EpicTable installation.

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