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EpicTable 1.3

Synopsis: Significant upgrades to map and tabletop flexibility

  • Maps and Tabletops can be dragged off onto a separate screen.
  • Maps and Tabletop tabs can be reordered.
  • Ribbon is now merged with respect to maps and tabletops, making it more obvious that they have the same capabilities.

Upgrade info: This is a free upgrade.

Backwards compatibility: Fully backwards compatible with version 1.2.

Update: 1.3.5

Date of release: 15-Sep-2016
More Info: http://www.epictable.com/blog/announcements/epictable-1-3-5-released/

Update: 1.3.4

Date of release: 6-Sep-2016
More Info: http://www.epictable.com/blog/epictable-1-3-4-released/


Date of release: 1-May-2015

Support Ticket 499: Removing maps and tabletops permanently isn’t working.

FIXED – Right-clicking and selecting “Remove” from the Maps and Tabletops gallery was removing the item, but not permanently. It would return on the next launch of EpicTable.

Support Ticket 511: Changing the Save location reverts to Default after closing application..

FIXED – Changes to the folder where EpicTable stores its data were not being persisted.



Date of release: 12-Feb-2015

Support Ticket 483: License is invalid when wi-fi is disabled on some PCs.

FIXED – On some hardware, when wi-fi was disabled, license files would no longer validate successfully.



Date of release: 5-Oct-2014

Case 1302: Tabletop area blocked out after using application menu.

FIXED – Under some circumstances, upon returning from the application menu (the leftmost tab on the ribbon), the tabbed area holding maps and tabletops was obscured by part of another page.

Case 1304: Error loading map – ‘Infinity’ is not a valid value for property ‘Left’.

FIXED – This issue resulted in a failure while loading a map or tabletop due to an invalid polygon, caused by canceling a polygon after less than 3 points. This was reported by some of you via the automated error reporting dialog. Thank you! And thanks to the couple of you who sent me diagnositics that allowed me to find the invalid polygon.

Case 1305: Error in chat window – ArgumentOutOfRange

FIXED – This issue caused the chat window to yield an error after the history buffer filled up. Thanks to those who sent error reports!

Case 1305: Error loading map – NullReferenceException in SurfaceView BringToFront during map load

FIXED – This issue resulted in a failure while loading a map or tabletop when it was already open, but not in the tabbed area–such as if you’d dragged it to another screen. Thanks to the automated error reports you sent, I was able to track this down and fix it.

Case 1308: Format tab no longer appears upon selecting surface object.

FIXED – This issue resulted in the Format tab not showing on the ribbon when an object on the surface was selected.

The Missing Fix: Custom folder for EpicTable data not saved.

In progress – I’m working on a fix for an issue that causes the custom data folder for EpicTable data–for instance, if you want to save your data to DropBox–not to be saved in some circumstances. I didn’t want to hold up these other fixes for it, but it’ll be coming soon in 1.3.2.



Date of release: 21-Aug-2014

Case 1282: Maps and Tabletops gallery doesn’t immediately reflect newly added items.

New maps and tabletops weren’t showing up in the gallery until the game was restarted. Now, they show up immediately.

Case 1283: Fog of war not handled appropriately on player view if opened before fog of war was enabled.

Fixed an issue that had fog of war coming up in GM view if enabled after the player view was already opened.

Case 1284: New map or tabletop created as shared sometimes fails to load on participants machines.

Fixed a race condition causing maps to sometimes fail to load on other participants’ machines when created as shared.


Date of release: 19-Aug-2014

Case 1279: Dice pools with both pool-specific modifiers and a pool-specific sum evaluator had their modifier double-counted.

Fixed an issue that resulted in the modifier on a dice pool being counted twice in some circumstances, such as if there was a sum evaluator on it.

Case 1280: Fog of War ribbon doesn’t update on enable/disable.

Fixed an issue that prevented dragging dice from the dice try to the map or tabletop in some circumstances.

Case 1281: Can no longer drag dice from the dice tray to the map or tabletop.

Fixed an issue that prevented dragging dice from the dice try to the map or tabletop in some circumstances.


Date of release: 15-Aug-2014 (Gen Con only)

1282: Map/Surface tab “blanks” when you move the mouse up to the window’s titlebar.

This had been fairly reproducible in If you moved the mouse up to the titlebar, the map/tabletop area would “blank”–go all black or all white. It would repaint if you swiped the mouse back across the surface (more specifically, across a scrollbar, which you’d happen to hit if you moused across the whole area top-to-bottom or left-to-right).  Made a change in, which has made it much more difficult to reproduce. I did see it again at Gen Con, but it’s possible we had the old build loaded. The workaround still works–swipe the mouse across the entire map/tabletop pane (or at least the bottom or right edge, where the scrollbar should be).


EpicTable 1.2

Synopsis: Fog of War, Configurable data location, Bugfixes

Upgrade info: This is a free upgrade.

Backwards compatibility: Fully backwards compatible with version 1.1.

Update: 1.2.2

Date of release: 14-Mar-2014

Full version number:

1258: Failure on game load when user data directory is not configured.

Fixed an issue that caused EpicTable to silently fail to start when the user data directory was missing.

1259: Failure on game load with specific configuration settings

Fixed a bug in game initialization that resulted in some specific configuration settings causing EpicTable to fail to load, with the mysterious error message: “No mapping for file C: under root.”

Update: 1.2.1

Date of release: 26-Feb-2014

Full version number:

1250: Participant id not read from relocated data folder.

Fixed issue with failing to load the participant id from relocated data folder. The result of this was that resources referenced in games created before the data folder was relocated would not be found.

1251: Install new evaluation license

To allow people who have previously evaluated EpicTable to give it another try now that fog of war is in place, a fresh evaluation license is installed with 1.2.

Initial Release: 1.2.0

Date of release: 24-Feb-2014

Full version number:

Upgrade info: This is a free upgrade.

Backwards compatibility: Fully backwards compatible with verion 1.1.

1244: Fog of War via Surface Zones

GM can control what the players see via “zones” he creates on the tabletop or map.

1245: Allow the user to specify location for EpicTable data files

Users can now configure the directory in which EpicTable stores game data.

1218: Index card body text changes not communicated to other participants

Fixed an issue in which index card body text changes aren’t properly communicated to all participants.

1232: Character token sizes are wrong on initial load

Character tokens were erroneously sized at 1×1 grid square when reloaded from a saved game.

1242: Token rotation isn’t restored on load

Tokens on the map or tabletop were being loaded in their original rotation–i.e., 0 degrees. Now, the last rotation is saved.

1243: Fudge dice on the tabletop don’t load correctly from saved game

A blank fudge die, when loaded from a saved game, doesn’t load properly and yields a “?” token.

EpicTable 1.1.2

Synopsis: Bug fixes for issues reported against 1.1.0 and 1.1.1.

Date of release: 23-Aug-2013

Full version number:

Upgrade info: This is a free upgrade.

Backwards compatibility: Fully backwards compatible with earlier 1.1 releases.

1207: Crash on entering invalid license key

Support Ticket: N/A

Fixed an issue causing a crash when an invalid license key was entered. Additionally, made license keys case-insensitive to reduce occurrance of invalid license key entry.

1208: Error on opening ribbon customization window

Support Ticket: N/A

Fixed an issue causing an error when opening the ribbon customization menu.

1210: Error saving pen or brush with no pen or brush selected

Support Ticket: N/A

Fixed an issue with saving a pen or a brush (via “Save to My Tools”) with no pen or brush selected. This happens, for example, if you have the select (arrow cursor) tool or one of the erasers active, rather than a pen or brush when you hit “Save to My Tools”).

1211: Duplicate die on tabletop or map causes error

Support Ticket: N/A

Fixed issue causing an error when a die on the tabletop or map was duplicated via Ctrl+D or “Duplicate” on the right-click context menu.

1212: Locking an object on the map or tabletop doesn’t prevent its being moved or resized, etc.

Support Ticket: N/A

Locked objects can no longer be moved or rotated or even selected. Two sub-optimal situations still exist: 1. The object *can* be moved, etc., if it’s lasso-selected instead of singly selected; 2. Locked text objects cannot be edited in place. This was not the intent (though perhaps it’s unsurprising). The intent was to allow note-type objects to be edited in place even when locked. This was primarily for text fields that you’d want to lock down to prevent accidental movement, yet still edit. Due to a quirk in the implementation of the lock fix, the notes are read-only when locked. At some future date, I’ll likely separate the notions of immobile and read-only, perhaps doing away with the locked nomenclature of using it to mean both immobile and read-only, as it is in this release.

1213: Dragging Fudge die to surface yields the wrong die shape

Support Ticket: N/A

Dragging the Fudge die yielded a round shape instead of the d6 shape.

1214: Responding “no” when asked to confirm on exit still closes EpicTable’s main window.

Support Ticket: N/A

Fixed an issue causing the main window to be hidden, but the application to remain running, if you responded “No” to the exit confirmation dialog.

1215: Remove the help button until there’s something behind it.

Support Ticket: N/A

Until there’s help, the help button is just a cruel tease. It’s gone.

EpicTable 1.1.1

Synopsis: Fixes for backwards compatibility issue with dice rolls and handouts from 1.0.

Date of release: 15-Aug-2013

Full version number:

Upgrade info: This is a free upgrade.

Backwards compatibility: As 1.1.0


EpicTable 1.1

Date of release: 12-Aug-2013

Full version number:

Upgrade info: This is a free upgrade.

Backwards compatibility:

  • EpicTable data is backwards compatible. That is, your 1.0 games will load.
  • You cannot mix EpicTable 1.0 and EpicTable 1.1.
  • Downgrading from EpicTable 1.1 to 1.0 will lose data.

1187: Error (ArgumentOutOfRangeException) in chat window when adding a character

Support Ticket: 279

Resolved an issue causing an intermittent error when adding a chat tab.

1188: Indicate who whisper is to, instead of just GM whispers

Support Ticket: 263

When whispering, you now see, via a caption on your message, that you were whispering and to whom.

1190: Character names in whisper pulldown

Support Ticket: N/A

Now showing the characters’ names in addition to the player names in the chat targets pulldown.

1158: Problem with continual resource reload

Support Ticket: 221

Fixed a bug causing large rich text note transfers to continually fail and re-request.

1169: Attempting to save an invalid dice roll yields an error

Support Ticket: N/A

Resolved error arising from trying to save an incompletely defined dice roll, such as “roll 4d6, keep highest” where you indicated “keep” but forget to indicate what to keep.

1196: Incorrect selection of highest roll when there are multiple exploding dice

Support Ticket: N/A

Incorrect selection of highest roll when exploding rolls were involved.

1181: Upgraded messaging system

Support Ticket: N/A

Upgraded to the latest release of the cloud based messaging system used by EpicTable. This should be faster, more robust, and perhaps most importantly, better monitored.

1174: Release Notes

Support Ticket: N/A

545: Precise object positioning is difficult.

Support Ticket: N/A

Overhaul of the mapping surface has made positioning very precise. In addition a snap-to-grid indicator makes sure you know where your token will snap.

1029: Confusing that edit character is restricted to owner/controller but no visual cues

Support Ticket: N/A

Now, when you’re prevented from editing a character you don’t control, a message pops up telling you that’s what’s happened, so you don’t think the UI is just not responding to you.

1033: Rich text edit has confusing save button on rich text note surface object editor

Support Ticket: N/A

Changed the icons for import/export to not look like open/save, and added a set of dialog buttons to make it clear how to save and exit the rich text editor.

1060: Placement of large objects is difficult

Support Ticket: N/A

It was difficult to place large objects before because of the way they snapped in place. The tech overhaul of the mapping surface has eliminated this completely! Plus, large objects get a size-appropriate drop indicator when snap-to-grid is on, so you always know where you’re dropping your token.

1062: ObjectDisposedException on EnterDrawMode

Support Ticket: N/A

Fixed an error that occurred occasionally when entering draw mode. Drawing is now seemless–there is no separate mode.

1156: Newly created private maps shared inappropriately.

Support Ticket: N/A

Under some circumstances, private maps would be shared prematurely. This has been fixed.

1157: Add mechanism to clear all drawing on a tabletop or map

Support Ticket: N/A

Added a “clear all” button to the drawing tab, which gets rid of all ink on the map or tabletop.

1161: Drawing area cutoff when zoomed

Support Ticket: N/A

Zoom and scroll completely overhauled. No more clunkiness or “invisible walls” (points past which you couldn’t drag objects or draw due to a bug in the zoom and scroll logic).

1162: Switching tabs causes the zoom to get lost from a canvas size perspective

Support Ticket: N/A

Switching tabs used to cause problems with scroll and zoom. This was due to the older tech in use, which forced me into lots of (apparently error prone) optimization. With the new tech, each map has its own drawing surface with its own zoom and scroll settings, so this problem is eliminated.

1163: Unlock doesn’t actually allow you to move or resize objects

Support Ticket: N/A

Unlocking an object now…well..unlocks it. That is, you can move or resize or select it once it’s unlocked. This used to be a one-way operation–by accident–lock worked, unlock didn’t.

1182: Error loading map caused by invalid drawing

Support Ticket: 259

It had been the case that corrupted drawing data in a map or tabletop would prevent its loading. This is no longer the case.

1197: Brush and pen user gallery

Support Ticket: N/A

Now that drawing has gotten easier, there’s a gallery with some common pen choices and a user-defined gallery as well.

1203: Transparent area of objects on the surface should not be clickable

Support Ticket: N/A

It had been the case that you could click on even the transparent portions of a character token or an object. That led to sometimes selecting an object you didn’t mean to select or having trouble selecting an object that was “obscured” by the transparent part of another object. No longer. If you can’t see it, you can’t click it.

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