Easy to Use

  • Standard Windows interface
  • No-hassle networking
  • Share files easily — even drag from your browser onto the tabletop!
  • "Kitchen table" licensing

System Embracing

  • Any game you can play on your physical tabletop
  • Easy-to-use, yet robust and powerful dice roller
  • Play the latest indie game, your favorite OSR clone, or your own homebrew system

Like a Real Table!

  • Move and sort virtual dice on the tabletop - play Dogs in the Vineyard online
  • Index cards, tokens, virtual miniatures, and text objects
  • Draw on a virtual wet-erase battlemap or import your favorite map images


I originally thought this was going to be a good app to get to play a little D&D with some old friends that no longer live close by. EpicTable has allowed us to effectively play D&D remotely and that alone made it worthwhile but I am really pleased at how good it is for a face to face game. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to get new people into the game as a way to take a lot of the complication out of it for them.

— Allen, Pathfinder/D&D Player

Simply put, it's the only virtual tabletop I got my wife to try a second time. She loves it, we play with friends in other states every week.

— Rich Rogers

If you want a virtual table with an intuitive and consistent interface that just works, use Epic Table. It sets up easy (no firewall trickery required) and you can be playing within minutes of the install.

— David Bettencourt - GM in Michigan, with players in California, Arizona, and Georgia.

No modules or "plugins" needed! Right out of the box useable for any game you want to play, and the dice roller is the best there is.

— Glenn Murray

I use EpicTable every week for my Pathfinder game. I love the ease of use, which really cuts down on prep time. The lack of issues for people connecting, and the simple yet powerful user interface, really keeps the flow and focus of our time on the game and NOT the technology behind it. It really is a virtual tabletop that FEELS like a tabletop. Thanks EpicTable!

— Wade “zWolf” Hone


EpicTable is about keeping groups together and building new ones.

To achieve that, we believe that it's important to get out of the way—to make the virtual tabletop as fast and easy to use as your physical tabletop.

That's why we use a centralized messaging system to avoid networking configuration issues, why we handle all the transfer of images and other data for you transparently, and why we don't try to do a lot of rules automation that forces you to do a lot of prep for the sake of the tool instead of for your players and your game.