Download EpicTable

This is your one, easy download button. No matter whether you’re looking for a trial, want to join someone else’s EpicTable game as a guest, or you’re a licensed user in need of the latest version, this is it.

What to expect

If you’ve not evaluated EpicTable before, EpicTable will start out in evaluation mode, where you’ll have more powers than just a guest. You can use EpicTable indefinitely as a guest—you’ll just lose some of your super powers after the 30 day eval is up. If you’ve already evaluated EpicTable, you’ll start out as a guest. Guests can do anything a licensed user can do, except create or host games.

During your evaluation, feel free to contact us at if you any questions or difficulties.
Be sure to check out the EpicTable Tutorial Videos.

Are you ready?

Done with your evaluation and thinking about buying EpicTable? You can cover your whole group with a single license!